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What is Acne Scar Treatment?

We all have things about our skin and frame that we desire to improve. At The Facial Aesthetics Center, our talented team provides innovative acne scar treatments with cutting-edge Opus Plasma™ technology. This beneficial treatment works to shrink the size of a scar, as well as refresh your skin. Acne scar treatment can also be used on many parts of the body, including the back and torso. During your consultation, we will evaluate the starting condition of the treatment area to determine how much you will benefit from this procedure. We encourage you to reach out to our team in Westlake, OH for a consultation today.

What Are the Benefits of Acne Scar Treatment?

Acne scar treatment at The Facial Aesthetics Center offers an innovative solution for those looking to improve the appearance of acne scars. The benefits of Opus Plasma technology for acne scar treatment include:

  • Visible reduction in scar appearance
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Versatility
  • Minimal discomfort

Acne Scar Treatment FAQ

How many acne scar treatment sessions are recommended?
Every person's dermatological health is different, but the majority of men and women will only need 4 – 6 laser scar treatments to obtain maximum benefits from the procedure. During your introductory assessment at The Facial Aesthetics Center in Westlake, OH, we can go over your personalized treatment schedule with the number of procedures needed for best results.

Can acne scar treatment totally eliminate the scars?
Regrettably, no approach is known that can remove a scar completely. Regardless, acne scar treatment is an effective means for greatly minimizing the visibility of the blemishes.

Is laser scar treatment an uncomfortable procedure?
Many patients consider acne scar treatment causes only minor tenderness. The patient experience will be largely influenced by the depth and width of the targeted skin region and the client's own tolerance for heat. Women and men who have been given the treatment often describe the sensation of a rubber band impacting the skin.

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